About Us


Hello, I’m Jacob.  I come from a long line of Israeli hydrologists.  My Great-Great-Grandfather also happened to be a beekeeper back when the farming culture was more popular.  Well recently in the past few years farming especially urban farming is now becoming trendy.  Naturally I have come to learn how to manage my own gardens in the city.  I simply love wild life and especially bees.  However being in the Valley of the Sun has proven to be very hard on bees.  So I married the 2 topics together in order to start  my own handling of bees and water in the hot desert sun.  I call it Bee watering Systems.  I do tend to like a nice cool beverage while I think; hence the website name Think and a Drink. You will find me discussing various topics on this blog, but mainly I will discuss the wonderful bee, which has become somewhat of a love affair of mine, and the wonderful resource that we all need to cherish in Arizona…water.  I have a few simple tips throughout the site on how to effectively water your animals as well